Donors and Microinsurance

?Donors and Microinsurance,? is a booklet published by the Microinsurance Network that summarizes the findings of a study performed to determine activities and strategic plans of microinsurance donors and the determining factors behind the significant increase in donor involvement in recent years.

The study found that two thirds of microinsurance donors began participating after 2006 and most participation is a result of a desire to increase inclusion with the aim of poverty alleviation. The majority of organizations that participated in the study had in-house expertise in microinsurance, mainly in field activities such as product design and in areas such as policy, legislation and supervision. Most organizations decide where to donate based on an institutional geographic mandate, and there is a strong focus on Africa and Latin America. Involvement of donors is expected to continue increasing over the coming years. The study concludes that there is a great need for collaboration among donors to compare experiences to maximize effectiveness.

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